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Casting all the latest in Batman related news, from toys to TV, movies and more!
  • (JERSEY) Benjamin David- Creator, Producer, Editor, and Host: In addition to podcasting, Benjamin is primarily a writer, most recently focusing on his own geek news blog site, In the past, Benjamin has covered Funko toys, covering major press events such as NY Comic Con and even the “press-only” NY Toy Fair 2017. Check out for Benjamin’s writing, videos and even more podcasts to come. You can also find Benjamin’s videos on our YouTube channel, CBIN (Comic Book Intl Network). Find Benjamin on both Twitter and Instagram: @ComicBookIntl. Benjamin David lives and watches over the weirdly awesome beach town of Asbury Park, NJ.
  •  (JERSEY) Owen- Our Gamer/Injustice Expert: Perfect for our show, Owen is a gamer through and through, a die hard DC comics fan, but also has experience in radio. Check out Owen’s gamer channel A-B-Normal Gaming. Owen lives in Red Bank, NJ, home of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash–the nerdly famous comic shop from AMC’s Comic Book Men–and the real life backdrop to much of Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse of cult classic films.
  • (UK) Courtney Delenn Slater- Graphic Designer/Podcast Art: Our very first international member of the Bat cast family, Courtney is responsible for our gorgeous podcast art, logo, as well as more exciting graphic design work to come. Find Courtney’s work: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. Courtney lives and works in the UK.  
  • (ITALY) Miki- Gamer/Screenshotter: Miki hails from the Eternal City of Roma. Miki is mostly interested in the fantasy genre of gaming, but occasionally uses the amazing art of screenshotting to contribute beautifully composed shots of Bat games, for our show and website. Find Miki’s screenshot/gamer profile on Instagram: @tr3chew


Geek News Bat News is a production of Check out for all the latest in Geek News, from both the US and abroad; toy reviews, lots of content about movies, TV and trailers. All with a comic book twist, and of course, an international twist. Find us on both Twitter and Instagram: @ComicBookIntl.

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“Geek News Bat-News: A Batman Podcast” is hosted, produced and edited by Benjamin David. Podcast Art by Courtney Delenn Slater: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. This podcast is not an official production of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Batman, Funko or any other company, property and/or license mentioned on this recording,, or The thoughts and opinions shared by the participants of this podcast are theirs and theirs alone and therefore do not represent the companies or organizations they happen to work for.